Top Spenders of the 2010 Elections

With the 2010 congressional elections nearly two months ago, the financial disclosure reports of each candidate’s campaign are complete. There were six Republicans and four Democrats among the top 10 spenders of the 2010 congressional elections, according to campaign finance statistics from the FEC database. Former wrestling executive Linda McMahon spent $49.9 million in the Connecticut Senate race – a tab greater than any other candidate in the 2010 congressional elections. Sharron Angle follows with a total of $27.5 million spent in the Nevada Senate race. The chart below shows the top 10 spenders of the 2010 congressional elections.

Despite McMahon spending more than any other candidate, including her Democratic opponent Richard Blumenthal who only spent $8.8 million, McMahon was defeated. Other candidates who were defeated and were also among the top 10 spenders include Sharron Angle of Nevada, Jeff Greene of Florida, & Carly Fiorina of California. Of these top spenders who were defeated, Jeff Greene is the only Democrat, whereas the other candidates were Republicans.

The most expensive race of the 2010 congressional elections took place in Florida, where the candidates spent $68.4 million altogether, according to facts from the Center for Responsive Politics. This is the most expensive congressional race since the 2004 Illinois Senate race, when the 15 candidates in the race totaled $75.2 million. The reason why the race in Florida was so costly is due to the field of four major candidates in the race, including two candidates who were among the top 10 spenders, Rubio and Greene, as well as Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek. The chart below shows the most expensive congressional races in 2010, which were all Senate races.

Excluding Senate candidates, there was also considerable spending among the candidates in the House of Representatives. Michele Bachmann spent more than any other candidate in the House. Bachmann spent $11.5 million to win her third term in Minnesota, which was also the most expensive House race in the nation’s history with the candidates spending $16.8 million altogether.

The chart below shows the top 10 spending candidates in the House for 2010. Among the top 10 spenders in the House, six of the candidates were defeated. There were seven Republicans and three Democrats among the top spenders in the House. All three Democratic candidates lost, which is not a surprise considering the historic turnover in the House.

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