Famous People Who Have Changed Politics Forever

Politicians play a pivotal role in our lives. They shape laws that affect us every day. From the way we vote, how we purchase goods, to how much we pay for gas. Politicians also influence the economy, especially during times of war. They create policies that affect our everyday life. There are countless influential figures throughout history that have shaped politics. Some of them helped change the course of human civilization. These include great thinkers, scientists, artists, writers, inventors, philosophers, and even sports stars.

Famous People Who Have Changed Politics Forever

The Many Effects Of Politics

Politics is defined as “the art or science of government.” It can be broken down into three main categories: local, state, and national. Local politics involve city council meetings, zoning issues, tax policy, and environmental regulation. State politics pertain to government at the highest level — such as the United States Senate and Congress. National politics concern topics like foreign relations, wars, diplomacy, and economics. Political parties form groups based on their beliefs, ideologies, and positions on various political issues. For example, Republicans believe in lower taxes and smaller government. Democrats tend to favor more social welfare programs and civil rights legislation. While some people may disagree with each party’s ideas, they generally fall within the spectrum of those beliefs. The two major U.S. political parties are Democratic Party (D) and Republican Party (R).

The Importance Of Elections

It is important to understand the rules and protocols associated with elections. According to American historian Howard Zinn, there were four primary purposes behind voting:

  1. To make your voice heard;
  2. To express your opinions about current events;
  3. To select leaders who will take care of you; and
  4. To keep politicians honest. Even though it has evolved over time, the purpose of elections remains the same today as it was thousands of years ago.

Iconic Names in Politics

There are numerous famous politicians throughout history. Whether you know them from TV ads, movies, books, music videos, or just from hearing their names, these men made an impact on society. Famous politicians include Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. All of these world-renowned figures had profound effects on the direction America would go…

Michael Douglas – used his celebrity status in order to lobby for gun control policies after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.. He wrote in part: “I am deeply disturbed by the recent murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. I hope that my position as a citizen and a human being will help lead me to do something positive to prevent any further carnage that could result from so senselessly evil an act.”

Clint Eastwood

used his influence in Hollywood to encourage Americans to support Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal. He said: “We must never forget that we live in perilous times when nothing is certain but death and taxes…. And while I’m not ready to commit suicide, I am willing to fight for the cause of freedom.”

Tom Hanks

supported Hillary Clinton’s bid for president in 2016 and he encouraged voters to register with the Democratic Party. He told the New York Times: “If you are registered as an independent, please consider registering with the Democrats,” adding that doing so meant more than simply picking a party: “It means that you’re in favor of having government run like a business. It means that you believe in science and research and education. These things matter.”

Harrison Ford

was quoted saying: “My wife always says, ‘Why do you call it politics?’ and I say, ‘Because it makes us feel good.’ We’ve got to get beyond party labels and start thinking about what we can do for our country.”

Harrison Ford

was quoted saying:”My wife always says,’ Why do you call it politics?” and I say,” Because it makes us feel good.” We’ve got to getbeyond party labels and start thinkingabout what we can do forour country.”

George Clooney

suggested that young women avoid getting tattoos because they could be used as evidence in court cases. He stated, “You may regret getting a tattoo later in life, and the person sitting next to you at jury duty might have a picture of your first sexual experience.”

George Clooney

suggested thatyoung women avoidgetting tattoostuck because they could beshown incourt cases.Hestated,”Youmayregretgettinga tattoolaterinlifeandthepersonsitnexttoyouatjurydutymighthaveasimplepictureofyourfirstsexualexperience.”

John Travolta

has been actively involved in lobbying against legislation regarding climate change, such as a carbon tax. In an interview with The Sunday Times he said: “As far as global warming, if there were a way for me to make money out of this, I’d certainly look into it”.


The Bottom Line

While there was no real money in it for them, many celebrities did use their influence to promote various causes. For example, a number of stars donated time and effort to help raise awareness for breast cancer… or AIDS. Some were even willing to take action on an issue close to their heart. Celebrities may also endorse products themselves, which may give them a competitive edge over other companies. And, some celebrities have found ways to use their names, faces, voices, and reputations to generate revenue.

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